Understanding and using bid statuses

A bid’s status is meant to help you track the progress through the different stages of your bid process.  The statuses you use should reflect what you do in the real world.

This may require you to think though what you normally do and “standardize” this process into a series of steps or statuses.  It may not seem readily apparent that you can standardize yet every company we work with in figuring out this process is able to boil what they do down to a series of steps.

Once you do this, we recommend you consider customizing the standard list of statuses.  Here’s the list of statuses:

  • Pending Assignment
  • Assigned
  • Appointment Scheduled
  • Working on Bid
  • Sent
  • Accepted
  • Thinking It Over
  • On Hold
  • Lost

Add a screenshot of where to update the status on the bid & talk about timestamps.  

The status of a bid can be a parameter on which you filter your bids, as explained here.   Understanding and using bid statuses properly is key to moving bids through your pipeline quickly and efficiently.

To change a bid status, click on the “Change Status” button:


When clicked, a separate window will load to allow selection of a new status:

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 2.54.20 PM


Each time the bid status is updated, directly beneath where the bid status is displayed a time stamp will be shown as to when the status was last updated.

Screen_Shot_2014-12-09_at_2_52_56_PM 2