The Web Presentation (& why it’s so awesome)

We believe the bid your show your prospective client should help you sell the project, not just be a sheet with a bunch of numbers and text.  For this reason we created the Web Bid.  The Web Bid is an interactive online presentation of your bid.  It’s a sales tool, designed to help close the sale in a multi-media experience.  Learn more about showing the bid to the homeowner, click here.

Even though it’s usually best to present the bid in person with the homeowner (and you can do so with a computer or tablet with the homeowner using the Web Bid), it’s often the case the the homeowner’s not quite ready to make a decision.  This is where the Web Bid shines.  Simply send the homeowner a link to their Web Bid.  You’ll be surprised by how many will look at it with you not there, make the decision to buy and click the “Accept Bid” button. It’s like your own little sales assistant!

The Web Bid is broken into 5 main areas:

  • Company Details: displays the details from you company profile.
  • Sales Rep: displays the contact info for the assigned Bizrevr user from their user profile.
  • Homeowner: displays homeowner contact & property info for this bid.
  • Bid Info: displays the bid request date, PDF Download button and Accepted Bid button.
  • Bid Items: displays all bid items as defined when creating your bid (details here).

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