Sending Email messages to a contact

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The BizRevr workflow is designed to revolve around the process of creating and managing bids.  It’s not intended to do mass email blasts to your list of contacts and in order to send an email to a contact you must have a bid record for that contact (as email messages are sent through the bid record screen).

Rather BizRevr is designed to send email messages specific to the workflow of the bid process, putting all of the necessary data at your fingertips and greatly speeding up the communication and management process.


How to send an email:  To send an email to a contact, navigate to the bid record to which the email message is related.  Once you’re in the bid record click on the “Send Email” button.  This will open a window in which you can compose an email and send to the contact.  The “From” email address is always automatically set to the assigned sales rep.  The “To” email address is always set to the address defined in the Contact record.

Using the email templates:  BizRevr is designed to allow you to use an email template from the Templates Library.  If you would like to use a template, simply select from the available templates in the drop down menu.  Once you select a template, it will load that template’s content.  At this point you can either send as is or edit to your liking.

Click here to learn about Templates Library or click here to learn about Merge Fields in emails.

Using the CC & BCC fields:  To CC and/or BCC someone on an email, simply click the “Add Cc, Bcc Recipients” button underneath the “To” field.  This will show two additional email fields in which you can type in any email address you would like.  You can add multiple email addresses separated by a comma.