How to add & edit a contact

How to ADD a contact

There are 3 areas from which you can add a contact to BizRevr:

Contacts Listings page


Master Navigation


Bid Wizard (learn more)


Regardless of which of the 3 areas of BizRevr you’re adding a contact from you simply need to add the required fields and click the “Create Contact” button.  A contact record is required in order to create bids.

Required & Non-required Fields:

  • Contact ID – this field is auto-generated (learn more)
  • First & Last Name (required) – These fields are used in many of the auto-generated emails and notifications.  You are also able to search by first and last name.  When dealing with a company we recommend using the primary contact’s info.  BizRevr isn’t designed to track more than one contact per bid.
  • Email (required) – Ensure you enter this field correctly as it’s used for all email communication with the contact.
  • Company Name  (not required) – Meant for use when dealing with a commercial property, HOA or other organization.
  • Phone 1 & 2 (not required) – Two phone fields are given for convenience sake.
  • Lead Source: generally defined as the source through which the very first point of contact was made by a contact with your company.  Defining the lead source for each lead allows you to track where your best leads come from and potentially focus more efforts on those areas (to produce more leads).  Simple select from a predefined list of the most common sources.   For example, if a lead saw your mailer, visited your website and then called you the lead source would be “mailer” rather than “website.”


How to EDIT a contact

There are 2 areas from which you can edit an existing contact:

  • Contact Record
  • Bid Record

While the way you access a contact’s details is slightly different whether you’re in the Contact Record or the Bid Record, the process of editing the details are very similar.

Contact Record process: Click on “Contacts” in the master nav.  Find the contact that you want to edit.  Click the Pencil icon to activate the edit mode.  Make the necessary edits and click the “Update Contact” button.  Alternatively you can click the “Cancel” button to exit the edit mode and no changes will be saved.


Once you click the Pencil icon, this screen will appear:



Delete a Contact: You can also delete a contact by clicking the red “Delete Contact” button.  PLEASE NOTE, this will also delete all related data including properties, bids, messages and notes.  Only delete a contact if you are absolutely sure that you will never need that contact or their data again.

Bid Record process: When in a bid, click on the pencil icon next to the person’s name.  This will load a window in which you can edit the person’s details.  Click the “Save” button to save your changes or the “Cancel” button to close the window without saving.  Editing a Contact’s info from this screen will automatically update the Contact’s information in their Contact record as well.