Content Blocks: creation & use

What is a Content Block:  a Content Block is for use within a bid to add information to a bid other than products.  Content Blocks allow you to add any text, image or video to your bid.  This gives you great flexibility in what information you are able to add to a bid.  In order to add a Content Block to a bid, you must first create it within the Template Library.

Creating a Content Block:  in order to create a Content Block click on your name in the upper right-hand corner and then click “Settings.”  Once in settings click on Template Library and then Content Blocks.

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To create a new Content Block click on the “Add New Template” button in the right-hand corner and then click “Content Block”.


In order to edit a current content block click on the Title of the Content Block.  This will take you into be able to edit the details.

The “Editable” Option:  each content block as the ability to be “Editable” or not by selecting the checkbox within the Content Block page.  If “Editable” is selected, this means that the Content Block is editable within the bid to which it is added.  If “Editable” is not selected, then that Content Block” can’t be edited within the bid.  This is useful if you have information that you want to make sure is not edited once added to a bid (such as warranty information).