Assigning a Sales Rep to a bid

Each bid is to be assigned to a BizRevr user with a User Role of Admin, Sales Manager or Sales Rep.  This way bids can be assigned to personnel without you company that aren’t an official “Sales Rep” if you have the need to do so.   BizRevr users with User Role of Staff are not available to assign bids to within the system.

The user assigned to the bid should be the primary one working to develop the bid and deliver it to the homeowner.  As the assigned user for a bid, they will receive text message and email notifications when the bid is first assigned to them as well as when the bid is accepted by the homeowner from the online version of the bid (or the Online Bid Presentation).

Assigning the Sales Rep:
On step 3 of the Bid Wizard (read more here), you have the opportunity to assign a BizRevr user to the bid.  All BizRevr users (other than “Staff” user role type users) will show up from the drop down selection menu.  Make your selection and click the “Finish” button.  This will assign the user while sending a text & email notification.


It is not required that you assign a Sales Rep for the bid on step 3.  You can click the “Finish” button without selecting a Sales Rep.  The bid document will be created and the Status will be set to “Pending Assignment” automatically.  You will not be able to change the Bid Status until a Sales Rep has been assigned.

If you don’t assign a Sales Rep at step 3, you can do so from the Bid Detail screen:



Reassigning a bid to a different Sales Rep:
There may be times when you need to assign Bid to a different sales rep after the initial assignment.  Doing so is very easy.  From the Bid Detail screen, simply click on the “Assign Sales Rep” button:


Once you click on the “Assign Sales Rep” button, a window will open with the option to select someone else.  You can also choose to notify this person via text message and email.

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 10.32.41 AM