Adding and editing property records for a contact

How to add a property

There are 2 areas from which you can add a property to BizRevr:

Contact Record


Bid Wizard (learn more)


Property records always belong to a contact record.  Therefore you must first have a contact record in order to add or edit a property.  You can have as many properties as you want for each contact.  In order to do a bid, you must have at least one property address defined for that contact.


How to EDIT a property

There are 2 areas from which you can edit a contact’s property address(es):

  • Contact Record
  • Bid Record

Contact Record process: Click on “Contacts” in the master nav.  Find the contact that you want to edit.  Make sure the “Properties” tab is selected to view all current properties.  Click the Pencil icon next to the property to be edited.  This will activate the edit mode for the contact.  Make the necessary edits and click the “Update Property” button.  Alternatively you can click the “Cancel” button to exit the edit mode and no changes will be saved.



Bid Record process: When in a bid, click on the pencil icon next to the property address.  This will load a window in which you can edit the property details.  Click the “Save” button to save your changes or the “Cancel” button to close the window without saving.  Editing the property info from this screen will automatically update the property info in this person’s Contact record as well.