Understanding and using bid statuses

A bid’s status is meant to help you track the progress through the different stages of your bid process.  The statuses you use should reflect what you do in the real world. This may require you to think though what you normally do and “standardize” this process into a series of […]

Viewing all bids, emails & notes for a contact

The BizRevr workflow is designed to revolve around the process of creating and managing bids.  Therefore all emails and notes are always attached to a bid record.  To make it more convenient to find emails and notes for a certain contact, rather than going into each individual bid to look for […]

How to use Lead Sources

What a lead source is: A Contact’s Lead Source is generally defined as the source through which the very first point of contact was made by a lead with your company.  Defining the lead source for each lead allows you to track where your best leads come from and potentially focus […]

Sending Email messages to a contact

The BizRevr workflow is designed to revolve around the process of creating and managing bids.  It’s not intended to do mass email blasts to your list of contacts and in order to send an email to a contact you must have a bid record for that contact (as email messages […]

Understanding the Contact ID number

The Contact ID is a unique alphanumeric field that is auto-generated when a contact is created.  Many find this field useful to ensure they’re talking about the same person and oftentimes use this instead of the person’s name for internal paperwork purposes.    

Adding and editing property records for a contact

How to add a property There are 2 areas from which you can add a property to BizRevr: Contact Record Bid Wizard (learn more) Property records always belong to a contact record.  Therefore you must first have a contact record in order to add or edit a property.  You can have as many properties […]

How to add & edit a contact

How to ADD a contact There are 3 areas from which you can add a contact to BizRevr: Contacts Listings page Master Navigation Bid Wizard (learn more) Regardless of which of the 3 areas of BizRevr you’re adding a contact from you simply need to add the required fields and click the […]